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cattery pet shop.

Hi, come and see what I can see ............



The Cattery Shop is run by Upper Ruxley Cattery between Sidcup and Swanley. The pet shop has a range of products that are available at the cattery for collection by the customer in person or allow 3 to 5 days delivery by courier.

Do come in and have a look around our Cattery Shop by clicking on the Categories menu on the left.

Many of the pet products available in the shop we have used ourselves in the cattery. Using the products ourselves enables us to speak with authority and advise customers accordingly.

As time goes on we will extend the range of quality products, so don't forget to come back and have a browse every now and again.

Notification of additional products added to the Cattery Pet Shop will be advised to customers by our Newsletter via email.


Local buyers have the option, and are welcome to come to our cattery to collect their purchases if they wish to purchase without the delivery charge. Please telephone to advise us you are coming and we will have your purchases ready for you to collect.