Redtop Fly Catcher

Redtop Fly Catcher

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Simply hang the Redtop Fly Catcher away from the area you want to protect from flies. The bait in the fly trap lasts about 12 weeks. During that time you will catch up to 20,000 flies. Absolutely fascinating. Does not attract bees or wasps.

Hang the fly trap in a sunny position outdoors in your garden, up to 15 metres from your home, whilst on farms they can be placed around your livestock and poultry sheds or stables.

Do not hang the fly catcher in your house, garage or out buildings as you will attract the flies into the building and that is not very nice.

Safe Non-toxic product. Does not contain pesticides.

The Redtop Fly Catcher trap uses a safe and biodegradeable bait

which gets the flies before they get you!


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